Surround Sound Subwoofers

Sonance has a Subwoofer to suit every surround sound application. The range of in-wall, in-ceiling and cabinet subwoofers allows you to design a surround sound system that fits the style and space of your house.


Impact Subwoofers

Sonance Impact Subwoofer offer exceptional performance, wireless connectivity and app driven room correction, optimizing placement of the subwoofer anywhere in the room.


The Sonance D8 features two powerful opposable 8″ square drivers, wireless connectivity and our SONARC DSP technology all within a sleek ultra-compact cabinet.

Wireless Transmitter

The Sonance Wireless Transmitter was designed to work with the Sonance Impact and D8 subwoofers. With a range of 30′ range the transmitter provides the ability to place your subwoofer where it looks and sounds best in the room.

Reference Subwoofers

Reference in-wall subwoofers are designed for installation during the construction or renovation process. Built with Sonance Dual Spider Technology (DST) for maximum excursion, these subwoofers offer unparalleled performance for Reference surround sound systems and more.

Visual Performance Subwoofer

Designed to fit any new construction or retro-fit application, the VPSUB delivers cabinet-level performance in a discrete form factor.

Easy to use

SONARC App is the easiest way to perfectly tune any Sonance Impact or D8 subwoofer. With 7 easy steps you will be able to discover, tune and enjoy a subwoofer made for your room.


Sonance Automatic Room Correction (SONARC) is an app based configuration tool engineered to ensure each subwoofer is perfectly tuned for any room. The software includes 16 variable bands of automatic parametric equalization.

Download from the app store

The Sonance SONARC app is free and was designed to work with any iPhone. Download yours today from the App Store!