OptiLinq IR Repeater Kits

OptiLinq IR Repeater Kits

Control multiple AV devices with OptiLinq IR Repeater Kits. Each Kit has an available USB power option and does not require a connection block. Extendable from 7ft. to 700 ft., the line of OptiLinq IR Repeater kits effortlessly install into any job. All kits include adhesive pads for mounting emitters, and IR covers.

OptiLinq 4 IR KIT

OptiLinq 2 IR CAT/KIT

Emitters 2 Dual Emitters 1 Dual Emitter
System Length 16 ft (4.9 m) 16 ft (4.9 m) — 700 ft (213 m) *Cat5 cable not included
Power AC or USB AC or USB (powered on either the emitter or receiver side)
Lead Termination Gold 3.5 mm plug Gold 3.5 mm plug
Shipping Weight .54 lbs (0.245 kg) .5 lbs (0.227 kg)


4 IR KIT Manual
2 IR CAT/KIT Manual
OptiLinq Sell Sheet